These how-to's are from our experience and what worked best for us.  The methods and techniques discussed may be adopted from other sources.

(Currently under development)


Starting a Hive

From tools to setup, everything needed to start a new bee hive.  

Assemble the hive and frames
Gather required tools and clothing
Introduce bees into brood box 
Close hive and provide syrup

Hive Care and Maintenance 

Keeping hives healthy and productive.

Hives need space to grow and produce honey.  They also need proper regulation for temperature, ventilation, and humidity.  In colder climates bees need winterization for protection.

Extracting Honey

Using centrifugation extraction to pull honey out of the comb

Pest Inspection and Prevention 

Identifying, preventing,  and protecting against pests

Beekeeping Presentations 

An introduction to backyard beekeeping